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About us

Luffarelli Real Estate Auctions is a leading legal consulting firm specialising in real estate transactions and judicial auctions.

In particular, we are a legal office that provides 360 degrees of service. We aid in the protection of the property foreclosed upon and/or legal assistance for those who want to buy a property through legal sale or pre-auction.

We protect the debtor by safeguarding the property foreclosed or about to be foreclosed upon by analyzing all the technical and legal aspects that can help with protecting the property; from usury interests to critical issues related to the estimation expertise, from the conversion of foreclosure to opposition to enforcement or enforcement acts, from the settlement with creditors to the remaining balance with all banks.

We also help you with the financial part by giving our clients access tovarious banking channels to check the conditions for the payment of a mortgage or financing to a family member or a third party.

With regard to the purchase of properties in auction we assist the client in the whole procedural process.From the search for a property to the study of funding options available (including 100% financing), examination of any and all property related documents, visitation of the property, participation in the auction in the name and interest of the client, until they enter into possession of the property.

For the activities mentioned above and in particular for the care of all legal aspects we take advantage of the competence and professionalism of our Attorney Luca Luffarelli.

Over the years, he has devoted much of his training and work to increasing his knowledge of all the legal issues related to the world of real estate dealings and judicial auctions, attending, among other things, numerous training courses, masters programs and conferences.

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