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About us

Luffarelli Aste Immobiliari is the leading legal consultancy firm in Italy in the property execution and court-ordered auctions sectors.

Our services range from providing protection of the seized property to 360 degree legal assistance for those wishing to purchase a property through a court-ordered sale or pre-auction transaction, more. .

Seized property?

We protect the debtor by safeguarding the property that has, or is about to be seized, analysing all the technical and legal aspects that may help to protect the property; (more details in the “Services” section link if possible)

Purchasing a court-seized property?

We work alongside the client step-by-step throughout the entire process until the property is finally purchased.

  • We provide support in searching for properties
  • We examine the expert evaluation and any other ancillary documents,
  • We organise a visit to view the property,
  • We bid at the auction in the name and on behalf of the client
  • We follow up the process until the property is finally purchased

In need of a mortgage or a loan?

If necessary, we also offer financial support to verify the feasibility of granting a mortgage or a loan (even 100%) with all our banking channels at the service of the client.

All our services are provided by a team of professionals with the independent legal supervision of Atty. Luca Luffarelli, who has focused on Civil Law aspects for over 20 years, specialising particularly in Property Executions and Court-Ordered Auctions.

Over the years, the Atty Luffarelli has dedicated much of his work and instruction experience to to all aspects and legal issues related to property executions and court-ordered auctions, constantly attending countless training courses, masters courses and conferences.

Luffarelli Aste Immobiliari will always be at your side.

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