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We protect the debtor by safeguarding the property foreclosed or about to be foreclosed upon. We do this by analyzing all the technical and legal aspects that can help protect the property; from usury interests to critical issues related to the estimation expertise, from the conversion of foreclosure to opposition to enforcement or enforcement acts, from the settlement with creditors to the remaining balance with all banks.

We also help with the financial aspects by putting our clients in contact with various banking institutions to check the conditionsfor mortgage paymentsand/or financing to a family member or a third party.


For the purchase of properties atauction we assist the client with the whole process. That includes searching for properties, consulting on different loan options (also including 100% financing), examination of any disclosures, visitation of the property, participation in the auction in the name and interest of the client, until they enter into possession of the property.


The term balance and means a transactional offer, that is, a good-natured agreement between creditor anddebitor. The most common example is between a private individual and a bank, and in this particular case of a non-payment of a mortgage. If an offer is accepted by the creditor the creditor forfeits any and all remaining balances owed on the property.

The advantage for the debtor is to reduce theiroutstanding balance, which helps to alleviate any financial burden incured by the debtor, with the reduction of their debt, often as high as 50-60%; as reported by Crif and/or Central Risks.


It is the right of the debtor to sell their own house on which a legal procedure is in progress, (in this case a real estate foreclosure, provided that he finds a transactional agreement with creditors).

It is therefore necessary to get the consent of the creditor who, once accepts the payment, will have to file the relevant act of non-renunciation of the execution so that the competent court can declare the termination of the procedure. There are several positive aspects both for the debtor and for the third buyer.

For the debtor the greatest advantage is to get rid of all his debt, in fact selling before the auction is particularly convenient, since if the property were auctioned after several failed attempts (with depreciation for each auction of 25% of the value of the property) the debtor would not even be able to pay off his debt. Through the sale before the auction, not only is the debt extinguished, but in some cases the portion of the tax may be entitled to residual sums. In this case, too, the name of the debtor in Crif and/or Central Risks can be cancelled by proceeding with his rehabilitation.


It is possible to get 100% of mortgage financing thanks to our viableworking relationships with primary banking institutions.

You can contact us to set up a free consultation at our premises where you will find a financial advisor who can assess the viability of the mortgage in real time.


These procedures have delicate aspects, and it is therefore necessary to have supportfrom a law firm specialising in these matters.We will carry out a series of technical and legal activities in order to successfully complete the transaction.

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