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The Court-Ordered Auction sector envisages some very delicate procedures, which is why it is recommended, if not indispensable, to rely on an expert who is able to deal with all technical and legal issues.

All our services are provided by a team of professionals with the independent legal supervision of Atty. Luca Luffarelli, who has focused on Civil Law aspects for over 20 years, specialising particularly in Property Executions and Court-Ordered Auctions.

In addition to purchasing at auctions, we also provide a vast choice of services related to the sale of court-seized properties to support you on an end-to-end basis.

To offer you end-to-end support


We protect the debtor by safeguarding the property that has, or is about to be seized, analysing all the technical and legal aspects that may help to protect the property:

  • Usuray interest rates (bank compound interest)
  • Criticalities of the expert appraisal
  • Conversion of the seizure
  • Opposition to execution and/or enforcement acts
  • Transactions with creditors
  • Settling of all amounts due to all parties involved


We provide

  • Free no-obligation advice at our firm's premises or by call, for all necessary information concerning our services;
  • A daily updated database of auctions taking place all over Italy;
  • Support in searching for properties that most suit specific requirements;
  • Examination of all documentation on the selected properties;
  • Visits to the properties through the judicial custodian;
  • Bidding at Auctions by means of a notarial proxy;
  • Support through to the actual entry into possession of the auctioned property;

A clearly defined and straightforward process that enables us to provide end-to-end support, accompanying you throughout the entire process.


We examine on a case-by-case basis the feasibility of purchasing a property before it is sold at a court-ordered auction.

What is a pre-auction?

Buying by means of a pre-auction means buying a seized house before it goes to auction.

It is the debtor's right to sell his house when enforcement proceedings are in progress, provided that he reaches a settlement agreement with all creditors in advance.

What are the advantages?

  • For the debtor, the greatest advantage is that he gets rid of all his debts immediately; selling before the auction is particularly advantageous, given that, if the property were to be auctioned after several no-bid auctions (with a drop in price at each auction of 25 % of the value of the property) the debtor would not even be able to pay off his debt.
    Following completion of the pre-auction negotiation, the debtor shall have the opportunity to obtain due rehabilitation, by cancelling his name from the CRIF (Financial Risk Centre and/or State Risk Centre.
  • For those purchasing the property, they are certain of purchasing a property at a price that is in any case below the free market value, avoiding the bidding process and the risk of being out-bidded.


With Luffarelli Aste Immobiliari, it is also possible to purchase a property with up to a 100% mortgage, thanks to our partnerships with primary banks.

We also put all our banking channels at the service of the client, to verify the possibility of issuing a mortgage or loan also in favour of a family member or other third party.

We offer expert advice, free of charge, either by telephone or at our premises, where you will find a financial adviser who will be able to assess in real time the feasibility of disbursement of the financial requirements.

In addition, there client has the opportunity to assess the possibility and, where possible, proceed with the cancellation of his or her name from the Crif (Financial Risk Centre) and/or the State Risk Centre, in order to achieve relative rehabilitation.

Luffarelli Aste Immobiliari will always be at your side.

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